Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Beano & The Dandy : The Comics That Won The War!

Although like many annuals these days, it was published back in August, I've just picked up the 2015 Beano & Dandy collection 'The Comics That Won The War!' and it is by far the best of these annual reprint books I've seen. In the past they were cropped, chopped and meddled with to the point of insanity...pages of classic comics art overlaid with the worst graphic design I've ever laid eyes on, but not this year! D.C. Thomson & Co Ltd., have finally given us the reprint annual we've wanted since the series began back in 1987.

Full comic pages are nicely reproduced, including several full colour covers for the likes of The Hotspur, The Skipper, The Rover and The Magic Comic and a collection of iconic characters from yesteryear such as Big Eggo, Korky The Cat, Lord Snooty & His Pals, Desperate Dan, and some lesser known pages from the vaults; Wild Boy of the Woods, Blitz Boy and The Boy With The Iron Hands included, make this book essential and D.C.Thomson & Co Ltd deserve a massive thanks for giving the previous layout folk some gardening leave this year! Let's hope this new respect for the material continues with the 2016 annual next summer.

The Beano & The Dandy: The Comics That Won The War! retails at £12.99 but can be had cheaper online from the D.C. Thomson shop or Amazon. Grab yours now!

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