Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Welcome to Retrovisions!


This blog will present an eclectic blend of my personal obsessions, interests, hobbies and buckets of nostalgic trifles that well adjusted, mature normal folks don't have the time of day for. There's only so much one can bore the wife with trivia without her gazing off into the middle distance and wondering where she found this old fool - so I'll be blabbering and gibbering at you for a change!

So, if old British comics, cult film and television, retro toys (and all that old stuff middle aged men should have thrown away years ago) are your thing...drop by...have a gander and feel free to leave a comment should you pass through.

Happy days!


  1. Hi, thanks for becoming a member of my blog and adding me to your bloglist. I've added yours to mine, but I can't join your blog as I don't like Google + and am not a member of it. If you decide to also use the normal Google followers facility, I'll certainly join up. Cheers. (You can delete this if you like.)

    1. Cheers - glad you said hello. I think I've managed to add the feature you mentioned.

    2. Can still only see the Google + (Plus) followers, not the ordinary one.